Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen

I live in a white, traditional wooden house which is typical for this region in the southern part of Norway. My house was originally built in the late 1800s, but has of course been remodeled many times since. When we had a new window put in in our living room, we found six layers of wallpaper glued together from the period of over 150 years. Yesterday I had fun putting it into water and separating them. What a treasure trove! These are some of the patterns which were revealed! I specially enjoyed the combination of olive green and dark color red.

The rest of the wallpaper is now sent to Else “Sprossa” Rønnevig who specializes among many other things in preserving the old traditional patterns and have them put into a new production of wallpaper.
Visit her website here and watch some of her beautiful wallpapers ! (Norwegian site.)

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