Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen

This is my homemade, woolen rug. I have been knitting and crocheting on it for years. Lately I made it bigger due to a complain from my tall son. He wanted a rug that could cover his legs. Now it’s done. I love the fact that there are faults here and there. Luckily nothing is perfect in life, neither is my rug. It is also quite funny that I finished it today which I think must have been the warmest day in Norway this year.

The colors look great in the corner of our sofa, but the best part is that the whole family tend to crawl into it during the winter.

It is made by Vamsegarn on circular knitting needle number 5, 45 masks on each needle. I have used a ball of yarn on each square, and the squares are crocheted together. The rug measures 1,45×1,95 m

Vamsegarn from Norway can be ordered from here.

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