opera norge

The Oslo Opera House was completed in 2008 and still after so many years I find it breathtaking. When I am in Oslo I always take the time to visit the building which is seated by the ocean covered with Italian marble and constructed by Snøhetta. I do as the rest of the visitors; walk up the roof and enjoy the panoramic view of Oslo.

The Times’ Richard Morrison declared after visiting the house: “I am in love. She’s Norwegian, gorgeous, full of fun, yet with surprising hidden depths. She’s the new Oslo Opera House, an amazing marble and granite vision that rises out of the fjord like a giant ice floe.”

Besides enjoying the Oslo Opera House I do really love opera, and the book that I would like to find under my Christmas tree this year is “The Most Beautiful Opea Houses of the world” by Guillaume de Laubier. From Norway you may order the book from this site, and from other countries here.

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