Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen

In a vintage store in Oslo the other day I stumbled over these skinny leather ties from the 80s. So fun to see them again, and I had to buy them right away. I remember very clearly that I gave a turquoise one as a birthday gift to a friend at one point. He told me years later that he had liked it so much that he wore it to pieces.

And all the bright clothing at that time. I recall my bright, blue coat, and not to mention how great I felt with shoulder pads inside my dresses. I do also have a clear picture of myself working in a café with a bright, pink ribbon tied in my hair. It seems like a very long time ago.

What else, oh, yes, the pop ballads with Lionel Richie, Christ de Burgh and Diana Ross. And who will ever forget the Norwegian group “The Monroes”. I am walking down the memory lane at the moment. Last week I made a playlist on Spotify with music from the 70s, today I made one from the 80s. If you like to get into the romantic mood from the eighties, you go from here.

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