Edited by Kristin Bae Mysen

The famous Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid died 31st of March this year, and I had to make this collage as a tribute to one of my favorite architects.

I discovered her design a couple of years ago when I visited MAXXI – the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, and I immediately fell in love with her innovative and spectacular forms. As a matter of fact I got so excited that I made this blog post about the building at the hotelroom the same day.

Up to the left in the picture we see the Heydar Aliyeu Center, a museum and a conference center in Azerbaijan, and to the right the Regium Waterfront separating mainland Italy from Sicily. Down to the left the Aquatics Center for the 2012 London Olympics, and to the right the Civil Court in Madrid.

She was really an extraordinary talented architect. Watch this film from here!

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