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Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen

When it comes to gardening I would say that we can divide people into four categories;

Group one: The ones who hate their garden, and want to move into an apartment as soon as possible

Group two: The ones who want a garden, but don’t particularly like to spend much time working there. They like plants that take care of themselves, and do the gardening the same way that they do the laundry or other kinds of housework that need to be done.

Group three: The ones who like flowers and easy-living, and therefore have three flower boxes planted which they move around on the lawn depending on where they are seated.

Group four: The ones who want to stay outside working in the garden all summer while they bore their surroundings with a non-stop talking about seeds and perennials.

Speaking of us in the last group, we tend to never get done with our gardens. I guess the main secret for garden lovers is that we don’t want to be done. The trick is, every summer to have new projects going. For example two projects of mine this summer are to plant a poppy field with California poppies, and then make one part of the garden into a space where everything there is edible; berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Being a garden freak I also have fun writing a summary on what I did accomplish every fall, and what the plans are for the coming season. It is a fun memory board, and great to read during the coldest and darkest parts of the year. However last week I ordered a new binder from the German Herlitz for my notes. I love their colorful design, and in September last year I wrote a blogpost about another of their binders as well.

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