Michelangelo once said: “The sculpture already exists within the marble block, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

I have had the pleasure to follow the Norwegian sculptor and author Barbro Raen Thomassen’s visual work of art for many years, although from a distance. The artist creates sculptures that turn the attention to the overlooked, insignificant and the invisible. Nature is her inspiration, and her work reflects the shapes found in seeds, butterfly eggs, peppercorn and much more. Through the microscope she studies forms and curves, and out of stone she makes sculptures strong and visible. She never copies nature, but lets the art follow its own demand.

Photos: Kristin Bae Mysen

The ballast seed object (Euphorbia peplus) is placed in the new City Garden in Grimstad, Norway, between the library and the sea, inaugurated in 2019.

Photos: Kristin Bae Mysen

Out of something hardly visible as a seed, sophisticated, surrealistic and at times erotic shapes emerge great and mighty.

Photos: Kristin Bae Mysen

The sculpture is placed in front of the Vennesla Council House in Norway
in 2018
According to Thomessen’s book “Jord og himmel om du vil” the apple is a symbol of all the possibilities there are for each and every one of us. We all have the potential to taste, to examine, to discover and to imagine. Sometimes we are forced to change our way of thinking, like cutting the apple crosswise, to reveal a beautiful star, a guiding star that is showing the way towards goals and meaning.

Photos: Kristin Bae Mysen

See her peppercorn sculpture from La Biennale di Venezia 2019 here
and where her inspiration came from here .
Look into more of her artwork from her website and you may order her books from this site

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