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Finally here it is, the latest issue of Juleroser 2017; a beautiful, literary and artistic Christmas magazine edited by Herborg Kråkevik. Juleroser is the Norwegian word for Christmas roses or more exactly Hellebore, latin for the evergreen plant which easily blooms in minus degrees.

Herborg Kråkevik is famous for her ability to preserve Norwegian/Scandinavian culture, and with this magazine she has renewed a long forgotten tradition. Juleroser has not been published since 1944. The magazine contains a brilliant mix; from traditional fairy tales, the Christmas gospel to newly written contemporary short stories and Christmas carols contributed by some of the most well-known authors and composers. In addition several artists have included their art work in the magazine. Aud Gloppen/ Blæst is responsible for the graphic design and Bit Vejle has made the cover (2017).  This is how Herbert Kråkevik presented the first issue of Juleroser in 2015, and this is how she did it this year.

Herborg Kråkevik is something of a story herself, a beloved multi-talented artist with a warm heart; she sings, she acts, she performs comedies and parodies. She is also known for preserving Norwegian folksongs, besides having thrown numerous shows such as Me and Edith (Piaf). Watch a favorite of mine from here where she plays against another great Norwegian comedian Robert Stoltenberg.

Juleroser can be purchased in any bookstores in Norway.

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  1. Hanne Christensen says:

    Godt initiativ – vi trenger et forum der gode forfatteres meninger kan leses. Og når har vi tid, og når er vi i stemning? Jo nettopp i Julen! Det blir interessant og jeg vil gjerne abonere. Dette er et av flere hyggelige norske tiltak (sesielt for oss som bor i utlandet). God blogg Kristin!

    Klem fra Hanne

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