I love to live in Scandinavia where we have the variation of seasons. However this winter we have had mainly rain, so the other day I was comforting myself by making this collage that I named “Four seasons”. These pictures are made by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch and they are all hanging in The Munch Museum in Oslo. By the way you will soon discover that I am a huge fan of his art.

Upper left:   Spring landscape at the red house, 1935
Upper right: High Summer II, 1915
Lower left:   Forest, 1903
Lower right: Winter in Kragerø, 1912

His most famous work is of course “The Scream” which is described “an icon of modern art”,  and you may learn more about the artist and this painting by watching the fabulous BBC Documentary  Munch – Private Life of a Masterpiece

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