Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen

A favorite rose in my garden at the moment is the Double delight which has finally unfolded its petals. It is such a beauty and has the best of fragrance.

It has actually another name as well; the Tudor rose. And thanks to the former king Henry Tudor VIII of England we are able to enjoy this red and white rose today. The background was The Wars of Roses which were civil wars between the two royal dynasties House of York and the House of Lancaster.  The House of York had a white rose as their symbol whereas the House of Lancaster had a red rose. The new king Henry VIII was from Lancaster origin, and by marrying his cousin Elizabeth of York, the Wars of Roses finally culminated. To make a final end on a long conflict, he created a rose with both red and white colors, the Tudor rose. King Henry VIII restored stability of the English monarchy and reigned nearly 24 years from 1485 – 1509.

The Tudor rose badge has been used by every British Monarch since Henry VII. Here it is.

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