Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen Finally here it is, the latest issue of Juleroser 2017; a beautiful, literary and artistic Christmas magazine edited by Herborg Kråkevik. Juleroser is the Norwegian word for Christmas roses or more exactly Hellebore, latin for the evergreen plant which easily blooms in minus degrees. Herborg Kråkevik is famous for her ability to preserve […]


Some friends on their way on vacation left us five bulbs of Hyacinths (Hyasinter/Svibler) in a box yesterday. I have never had them in the house before although they are regarded as the Christmas flower. That will probably change now because I simply love their fragrance besides the fact that they come in all kinds […]


I have put out our nativity scene (krybbe) in the living-room. These figures have followed us since the children were small and this year I have adopted the Spanish tradition to set up the scene two weeks before Christmas. Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen Mary and Joseph’s ride to Bethlehem has always interested me. What if they had known that they were to […]


Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen The first of December I always put out my lamps with candles next to the front door, and I have them burn day and night till Christmas Eve. They create a great athmosphere outside the house, and whenever we get home the burning candles welcome us back. Traditions like this make […]


Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen The coming Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, and I can finally allow myself having that good old Christmas feeling. Although the stores have started weeks ago, it is the last four weeks before Christmas that count. I am as ever excited about reading my favorite Christmas tale, the book […]